He only wants sex or how to get him to marry you

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He only wants sex or how to get him to marry you

A beautiful 40-year-old woman with beautifully “made” breasts, mouth and many other facial corrections that were not obvious but noticeable was staying in front of me. Her strong fragrance filled my whole room. Her tone of voice was demanding and at the same time asking: He only wants sex… And I already want marriage and children, I can’t understand: where is my mistake? And how to get men to marry? Why don’t they want to marry me with all my beauty and appearance?

Looking at that woman, I was wondering how to start. I like to be honest with my clients and I believe that this is exactly the reason they come to me. But just in case I asked: Do you allow me to be honest and sincere with you?

She stared at me in wonder and a little frightened but bravely replied: Yes, that’s why I am here.

This is my first question to you: Why did you have all these bodies and facial corrections? Why can’t you accept your appearance the way it is?

She looked at me surprisingly and replied with words that made me think about how to further proceed. She said: I haven’t done any corrections. This is all is mine.

I was silent. I understood that it would not be so easy. She was used to lying to herself, others, and even her therapist. This was already a model of behavior.

I felt that we were both tense. I was because of her outright lie, and she was because she understood that I knew the truth, but I preferred not to go there any further.

This is my second question to you: Why do you need a man?

She said: Natalia, I am 40 years old! I want a husband and children, isn’t it a normal wish? I saw how she started to feel nervous. And I just understood with my whole self how men feel around this woman. And I said honestly: If you communicate with men, in the same way, no one will want to live with you despite all this beauty and a perfectly shaped body. Men want to feel relaxed, loved, and desired by the woman next to them. Men are live beings and they do not want to feel used.

However, how can you give them love if you do not even love yourself?

And I added: Let me tell you only 5 things that I know from men and you think about how many of them you have:

  1. The man wants to be with a woman who is herself. He wants to be able to talk about whatever he wants, to sleep until noon on Sunday, to share his feelings and concerns, to be wild in sex. But all this is possible only when the woman is relaxed and can be herself when she is with him, and then her relaxation and peace of mind provoke in him the feeling “I am at home”.
  2. The man wants motivation to do feats. We, women, fall in love with men for their feats – both small and large. To take us on vacation, to throw away the rubbish, to take care of the child. The more feats, the more we love them. Men love us because we motivate them, thank them and show them that we truly enjoy all that they do for us. It requires a great deal of humility and love for them.
  3. The man values women who value themselves. The man always feels how to approach the woman depending on herself. It is important that you work on learning to appreciate yourself, we will work on that in the Online Transformation Geisha 1.
  4. The man wants hot sex – but not only should you be hot yourself. He wants to see that it is him who makes you passionate and excited. Sexology for Women will open up a whole new idea of your sexuality and how to provoke your man.
  5. The man wants to see that you take care of him, you can take care of the home, the children, you have a good family and friends, so it is important that you work out all the problems with your parents. We will still be working on that at Geisha 1.

She looked at me and said: Maybe I am good only in sex and I feel so good even without him that sometimes he feels redundant. I always show him that I can handle everything myself. I can’t ask and wait. I have no time to cook and I have never introduced him to my family.

A long trip to herself was waiting for us. However, even these realizations were a huge first step towards family happiness.

Are you ready to work on yourself or do you expect that happiness has to happen itself?

For those who want to stop waiting and to start working on themselves – welcome to Geisha 1

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Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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