5 techniques to make miracles happen

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5 techniques to make miracles happen

Dear friends, I give you as a gift 5 techniques for miracles that have made many miracles in my life and the lives of my clients too. You can do them yourself or with your friends. The most important thing is to do them. Perhaps you will have favorite practices, it is better to do the ones that are not your favorite, they will not be typical for you and there is a lot of energy in them.

You can do them in a different order. I will say it again: the most important thing is to do them!

  • Gift – this practice is suitable if you want to improve your relationship with someone in a magical

Imagine the person you don’t like or have a conflict with in front of you and give them a gift in your thoughts. It can be material or immaterial – the important thing is that you see: how they accept the gift and feel very happy and it is important that you really want to make that person happy and satisfied. You can give a beautiful sunrise or tenderness like the kiss of a child, and maybe a powerful Porsche or diamonds. You do that in your thoughts. It is important to guess what would really please this person. This technique allows you to resolve a conflict and change your whole attitude towards the other. Do it as many times as you feel it is necessary for you to have a loving relationship with that person. If there is love the conflict will disappear.

  • Gratitude – this technique quickly rises your vibration if you feel you don’t have enough energy or just want to jump to another level.

Start internally or verbally to thank people you feel grateful for. Start with your most loved ones and gradually complicate the task and do it with people you like a little less. Until you reach the people you don’t like at all, but somehow you can find at least 5 things that you are grateful for. When kindness and gratitude stand in your field, you will see how many miracles will come to you.

  • Wish the impossible – this practice expands your field very much so that you have space for new things in it.

Make a wish list not with just simple wishes, but with fatally impossible ones for you. Something you haven’t got a clue how can happen to you. For example, to have a Porsche or Bentley, to go to Bora Bora on vacation, to marry a millionaire, to lose 30 kg. with ease, to buy a huge house by the ocean. Write down all these wishes and say loudly: I have…. And you read what is on the list. Feel how your field is expanding. Feel how you start to believe yourself without knowing how that will happen. Do that for at least 21 days and you will see how things in your life that were impossible before, will come to you.

  • Let things go – this practice helps to clear your space from the need to cling to things.

Often there are no miracles in our lives because there is simply no space for them. Now I suggest you to write down your biggest wishes: I want to have a family and children, I want a lot of money, I want a new job, etc. And now imagine that there is one rope between you and your wish and you hold it to yourself and do not allow it to go to heaven for it to happen. And just with a sharp movement of your hands, folded like a guillotine and sound: ha, sharply break that connection between you and your wish and say loudly: I let you go into heaven. If it has to happen, it will. If not – the universe will give me something more appropriate for me. I trust the universe and exhale. Do this 3 times.

  • Prayer – one of the most powerful instruments for miracles is the prayer.

It is so easy, and at the same time, people so rarely use this instrument or use it the wrong way. Make a prayer for the welfare of the whole world. Send your love to all who need love and trust at this moment. Send your strength to all souls who make difficult decisions. Send your loyalty to the country in which you live and the country from which you have your roots and origin. Ask for peace, for light, for love. This prayer is hundreds of times more powerful than praying to get a new car or a new job. Pray for the world and the world will pray for you and many miracles will come to you.

You can do all these techniques on your own, but it will be much stronger if you do the techniques and rituals with other people who think and act the same way.