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5 techniques to make miracles happen

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5 techniques to make miracles happen

Мy dearest ones,

Today I want to give you 5 Techniques for Miracles!

Like you, I have experienced many moments of personal struggle. That, as you may think, is a part of life. However, it does not have to be! It took me years of personal and professional experience to recognize that life could be characterised by miracles—rather than difficulties!

The techniques for miracles I will offer you are effective and easy-to-do! You can do them on your own, or you can do them with friends. All that matters is that you do them. You may like some of these techniques more than others; that’s normal. Yet, you should pay more attention to those techniques you do not like, as they will often provoke you to do things you are simply not used to!

You can do these techniques in a different order. Let me say this again: what matters is that you do them!

  • Make a gift!– this practice is for you if you want to improve your relationship with a special someone!

Visualize someone you dislike—or someone you’ve had a conflict with. Now, gift them something in your mind! Your present can be tangible or intangible. All that matters is that you visualize them accepting this gift and feeling happy. You could gift them a peaceful evening at home, a beautiful sunrise, or even a powerful Porsche. Anything is possible! Make sure your gift is tailored for this person’s interests and values. Your gift should please the person!

As weird as it may seem, this technique allows you to resolve conflicts and change your attitude towards problematic people. Do it as often—and as many times—as you think is necessary. With the help of this technique, you will resolve conflict and fill yourself with love!

  • Be Grateful! – this technique quickly raises your vibration if you feel you don’t have enough energy or just want to jump to another level.

Thank everyone whose presence you are grateful for. You can do so internally or externally. Start with your most loved ones. Gradually, complicate the task and do it with people you like a little less. Finally, once you’ve reached the people you dislike, try to find at least 5 things that you can thank them for. When kindness and gratitude stand in your field, miracles will start coming to you!

  • Wish Impossible Things– this practice expands your field very much so that you have space for new things in it.

Wish for the impossible! Don’t limit yourself in your dreams and desires. Dream for something that, at this moment at least, seems unachievable! Allow yourself to crave things you have no clue how to get! You can, for example, dream of going to Bali, marrying a millionaire, or losing 30 kilograms. You could wish for a spacious mansion on the beach!

Write down your wishes and say this out loud, “I have…” (name the things you noted in your list). Feel your field expanding. Notice how you believe you will get all these things—even if you don’t exactly know how! Keep doing this for at least 21 days. Soon, you will start noticing how things that seemed impossible will start materialising themselves in your life!

  • Let Things Go– this practice helps to clear your space from the need to cling to things.

Sometimes, there are no miracles in our lives just because we don’t have space for them! Write down your greatest wishes: to get a new job, to grow rich, to marry a rich man, to have a family, to retire early, etc. Now, imagine a thick rope connects you with your desire. You hold it tightly, not letting it fly up to the heavens. This rope needs to ascend to the sky for your wishes to come true!

Now, put your hands together. Imagine your entire body turning into a guillotine, your hands the very things that will cut the rope off and let it fly up to heaven. Draw your hands up, bend forward, and with a sharp sound “Ha!” cut the rope!

Say this out loud, “I let you ascend to the heavens. If this wish is meant to come true, it will come true. If not, I know that the Universe will give me something that is even better for me. I trust the Universe.”

Breathe out. Do this three times!

  • Pray– one of the most powerful tools for miracles is prayer!

Praying is the easiest, most intuitive way to attract miracles. Yet so few people do it! Pray for the well-being of everyone you know. Send your love to everyone who needs it. Send your strength to everyone who needs the strength to make an important decision. Send your loyalty to your family—and your home country. Pray for peace, light, and love.

Praying for peace, light, and love is hundredths of times more powerful than praying for a new car or a new job. Pray for the Universe, and the Universe will pray for you. Before you know it, miracles will begin happening to you every single day.

You can do all these techniques on your own. However, if you do them with likeminded people, these techniques will deliver much more powerful miracles!


Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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