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Yulia Hadartseva

Yulia is a guru in the field of money, sex and relationships with the parents. She is a constellator trained by Bert Hellinger. Yulia is one of the most famous psychologists in Russia that programs the brain for abundance and wealth. She is often invited as a guest and expert in the Russian television and a speaker in the biggest Russian psychologist forums.

Trained by Bert Hellinger and Anthony Robins, she is the most famous podcast author in Russia, as well as one of the most expensive and wanted coaches.

For the first time Yulia is going to participate in our Marathon at the personal invitation of Natalia Kobylkina.

She has hundreds of testimonials about her seminars and very often people say that Yulia has the power to change past lives, family and present models. She defines herself as a coach of all times and spaces.