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Rupda has lived in Europe, India, USA and Australia. Today, she works with people around the globe in areas of conscious leading, self-leading and self- development. She has spent over 45 years dedicated to a conscious path, bringing her knowledge, tools and techniques through the work she offers. She has captured the hearts of many influential people over the years through her one-of-a-kind approach. Her sense of presence and sense of humour brings both a lightness and a depth to how she works with individuals, groups and organisations alike. Her passion is to inspire people to discover their own unique qualities and how to apply them in their daily lives.

I was born in the late 60’s, a time of radical thinking and revolutionary approaches to human psychology and group therapy. As a child, I grew up in a conscious community and was fortunate enough to sit with a spiritual teacher until the mid 90’s. Growing up in a conscious community, I had a rare opportunity to partake in a multitude of meditations, workshops and retreats. Much of the teachings were on human psychology, awareness and meditation. This became one of the most illuminating and enriching experiences in my own development growing up, and one that continues to impact my life today…

“Rupda is a certified Counsellor with S.I.A.F. and a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner from Peter Levine’s SE® Institute of Trauma Healing. She is also an NLP (Neuro- linguistic programming) Practitioner, studying directly under John Grinder. Additionally, she is trained in Non-Violent Communication, Enneagram and Hypnosis Mastery directly under Stephan Gilligan. She’s worked directly with Tony Robbins in Business Mastery and Leadership as well as studying various other works from Quantum Physics, Family Constellation, EMDR, L.O.A., Essence, Mindfulness, Stress Release and numerous others.

Rupda offers a profound and fun approach to self-development workshops, retreats and leadership trainings. In each of her workshops, retreats and trainings she creates a safe environment. From start to finish you are taken care of and supported. All workshops, retreats and trainings are both educational and experiential, so that you have an embodied-experience of learning.

The workshops & retreats help you to find clarity when examining some of the obstacles you face in your life today. The leadership trainings go far beyond the conventional and is a one-of-a-kind training for anyone interested in self-leading and leading others; Tools for Life Leaders Training.

Using the latest science from traditional therapy and the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophy, Rupda’s work encapsulates a balanced approach to all the courses she teaches so that each individual has an opportunity to expand their own awareness and deepen their connection with themselves and life around them. “Unless we truly take the space and time for ourselves, we may never really have a chance to know our full potential, and essentially what gives us a deeper sense of purpose in life”.