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Martina Dragieva

Martina Dragieva

My name is Martina, I graduated in psychology in Madrid and integrative psychotherapy in London, as well as from Natalia Kobylkina’s school for mentors. Expert in working with emotions, childhood trauma, problematic relationships and love relationships. Psycholinguist- specialize in communication and body language. In my work, I successfully combine therapies such as Gestalt, cognitive behavioural therapy, constellations, psychoanalysis, person-centred approach, etc. All of these will help you change your negative mindset, views and thoughts, fight harmful feelings and emotions, and move on to the most important thing: ACTION!     

Giving a personal example, I myself lost 15 kilos in the last 10 months thanks to willpower, perseverance, discipline and action.  

A fan of stoicism as a philosophy, I believe that everyone should be a winner and not a victim: when we are determined and do not procrastinate, we are able to achieve anything!  

My goal is to help you get a healthy mind in a healthy and beautiful body! 

I have worked for one of the best mental health organisations in London-Mind. It was then when I realised psychology was my calling and my mission. And that is to help people improve their quality of life, deal with their difficulties, fears, struggles and choose life! Everyone deserves to live fully and feel truly happy. Seeing others happy makes me truly happy and important, I feel needed and enriched! To me, there is no more valuable calling in this world than helping others reach their full potential.   

On a personal level, I am happily engaged and live between London and Spain. I have also lived in New Zealand where I had the honour to meet amazing people and learn a lot about the similarities and differences between different countries, cultures, mentalities.  

Education & Practice 

I hold degrees in psychology and integrative psychotherapy. Studied at the British Psychotherapy Foundation and Regents University, London. I also specialise in motivational and female coaching.