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Deni Kiro

Deni Kiro has been working as a personal stylist and image consultant for the past 9 years, catering to clients from diverse backgrounds. She officially received her education in design at the University of Arts in London. Graduating with first-class honors in the field of art and design, she went on to hold various successful positions in renowned fashion companies. Through this journey, she built a solid portfolio in the realms of fashion and styling, transitioning from a stylist to a creative director. Deni believes that everyone has their unique style, and her role as a stylist is to assist her clients in discovering themselves.

“My personal styling services are designed to save you time, show you how to shop smartly, and bring back the joy and pleasure of dressing. I take pride in providing an exceptionally personalized service with a focused attention on your individual needs. I can work with any budget, whether high or low, and no request is too big or too small. I leave my personal style at the doorstep before each styling session. My mission is to help you achieve your goals. My clients benefit from On-Going Style Advice services and access to exclusive fashion events.”