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Dayana Bako Portrait

Dayana Bako

Makeup is a great invention of mankind! I realized this when I saw a friend of mine in the morning without makeup and was shocked at how much difference there was in her.

I was still very young then and I asked her to do some makeup on me. When I was ready I walked down the street so proud and felt uniquely beautiful. I was 15! And then I realized that the ability to do your own make-up is something that every woman should have and the skills should be thought in school! I myself have been to a lot of trainings, where I learned how to do makeup, but of course, far from professional. So when I met Dayana, I said to myself: this is my woman! And I was right!

I met Dayana at my Geisha seminars and was captivated by her makeup looks. And it wasn’t just me – all the participants surrounded her and bombarded her with questions, asking where she learned to apply make-up like that. It turned out that this was no accident and Dayana spent almost her entire life in London, learning from the best make-up artists in the world how to get the most out of your face.

After that, we met several times, and each time I was surprised how many new and stunning make-up looks Dayana created! One day I couldn’t stand it and said: Dayana, it’s time to share this knowledge and skills with women! I want to learn from you how to apply makeup on myself so beautifully and professionally. For everyone who wants to get the most out of their look – welcome to makeup courses with Dayana!

In her own words:

My name is Dayana Bako and I have been doing professional make-up artistry for 12 years in London, England. I have done hundreds of make-ups on different types of people and nationalities whilst working for Christian Dior and NARS Cosmetic for many years. I am proud to have been elected to an honorary position at Dior as their national artist. After getting acquainted with my work, I was invited to present them nationally in all the fashion shows in which Dior presented itself at London Fashion Week.

I have participated in London Fashion Week twice, and on the second time which was with Nars Cosmetics, I was entrusted with the pleasure and honor of glamming up the entire British Vogue team, including the now former editor-in-chief of British Vogue – Alexandra Shulman. I was also responsible for the training of these make-up artists who wanted to move to a higher level of development in their profession.

Since I grew up with the values ​​of people who build their own business and way of life, I decided it was time to open a second business for catering in the heart of London, and I can say happily that it is developing successfully, giving me the freedom to pursue new heights in my artistry.

My real passion and love is applying make-up on clients and teaching them how to emphasize the best in them and to bring forward their natural beauty. And with great joy, I want to share my accumulated knowledge, skills, and energy. I want each of you to always feel their most beautiful self! I look forward to seeing you at my makeup and beauty courses!

For private sessions contact:

Price: $250/ 1 hour