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Albena Milcheva

Albena Milcheva

We are pleased to present to your attention Albena Milcheva – certified mandala dance coach for “Awakening of Female Energy” and “Female Transformation” at the Academy for Coaches under Diana Ananda and Natalia Ilyushko.

Albena has lived in Dubai for many years, worked for a huge Arab corporation, and underwent numerous training in the corporate world. She has traveled throughout Asia to countries such as Indonesia, India, and Malaysia, attending various conferences.

She turns back to her femininity and her true self at the moment when she closes the door of a purely male business on a global scale. Retaining only her courage and determination from him, enjoying her feminine nature, to this day she has climbed a number of steps on the ladder of a happy life, such as the transforming seminars of Anthony Robbins, Rupda, Natalia Kobilkina, Larisa Renard, and many others.

“I believe there are things that never go out of trend, and one of them is femininity!”