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Therapeutic Workshop

Healing Ties

Workshop on Clearing Parental and Relationship Traumas
Host: Natalia Kobylkina
Loneliness is something very painful that we encounter today, always wanting to meet someone with whom we will finally not be alone. We even have children for this purpose, but they grow up and go their own way. And we are left alone again.
Often, we feel alone even in a marriage or relationship.
We can feel alone in a room full of people.
We feel alone in bed with a partner when we quickly retreat to our own half after intimacy, or each of us drifts into our own fantasies.
The feeling of being alone, even when there are people around you, is a constant and very widespread tragedy today.

To have true contact with others, we must first have it with ourselves. This workshop aims to create a deep connection with yourself and then with others.

We will work on the following topics:

Relationship with my parents

Here, we will look at your relationships with your parents and through what trauma you communicate with them. We will make corrections to reach a level of closeness and love internally.

Relationships with close ones

Brothers, sisters, significant friends, and significant people around me. How do you build relationships with others? What roles do you take on? How to have depth and closeness with others?

Relationships with intimate partners and emotional partners

Do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open with others? How to create depth and trust in relationships?

Relationship with myself and my sub-personalities

How do I reflect in others and how do others see me? Creating a strong contact with oneself.

Relationship with God and the Universe

How do I interact with this world and what does the world tell me? How to read the signs of the Universe?

What you will learn:

What we will do:

We will create real and deep relationships with our loved ones and the people we love.

We will unlock and enter together into the dark rooms of your personality.

We will start to feel what is important for us instead of thinking about what people will say.

We will significantly improve our relationships with people that are important for us and lovingly let go of those who no longer have a place in our life.

This workshop will require work with emotions and feelings blocked in you!

This workshop has two formats:

Basic package

$ 99
  • 5 meetings
  • Free gift HEALING SEGGSUAL TRAUMAS (value $199)

VIP package

up to 20 people
$ 199
  • 5 meetings
  • Free gift HEALING SEGGSUAL TRAUMAS (value $199)
  • 30 minutes session with Natalia (value $190)

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