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From flirting to a serious relationship

20+ years as a relationship therapist has taught me this: the needs of men and women are very different.

There is also the fact that if a woman denies her partner the intimacy he wants, he loses interest and disappears. If she gives it to him, she becomes only a woman for seggs and nothing more.
This is a game she cannot win. Or can she?

Even so, I still believe that deep down every man desire for love and wants to be loved and desired. And it’s time you learned how to inspire that inner desire!

What will we do?

How we can get a man to start a relationship with us - and how to build our connection with the right strategy from the start.

How to understand if this man is high-value and determine if he is looking for commitment.

How to act on a first date in order to inspire a man to care for us and want to be in a relationship with us.

How men choose a woman for a relationship vs how they choose one just for sex.

In this course, we will learn…

I will reveal foolproof algorithms for creating long-term relationships, explain how men work, and show you all the unspoken rules men live by.

Understand: How soon you do the deed does not matter. What matters is the kind of woman you are. What matters is how well you can control your body and stir up sexual energy. What matters is how well you can turn just seggs into love! And by the end of this program you will be the QUEEN of all these things!

online course

$ 29 Price $29 until July 15, then $49
  • Online Course "From flirting to a serious relationship"
  • August 15 from 18.00 to 20.00 UK time
  • Host: Natalia Kobylkina
  • You get unlimited access to the recording. We guarantee the first 90 days.

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