Fraud Blocker Relationships: A to Z - Natalia Kobylkina

Live in London and Online

The art of being together

How to be yourself in relationships

29 April | 1:00pm – 6:00pm

ISH Venues, 1 Park Cres, London, W1B 1SH

25 April – 5 May | 3:00-4:00pm

4 meetings | 1 hour long

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Great for all genders!

He looked at her and understood his life would never be the same. It finally had meaning! As she stared into his eyes, she felt she had been looking for him--exactly him--all her life! And they lived happily ever after…

That’s how most fairy tales end, and this is how we dream our lives to be. We all want a fairy tale!

But, in reality, things are a bit different. There are a few scenarios that unfold…

Over time, our expectations towards our partners grow bigger and bigger. However, the availability of partners narrows. We grow desperate and willing to be with everyone just so we don’t die childless or alone.

This is the only 100% honest program that will reveal the truth about relationships.

Yes, this might hurt, but it will be worth it.

This program will bring out your true self and eliminate all childish delusions.

You will find answers to questions that have plagued you all your life.

You will leave with a great sense of wisdom and awareness, as well as with a ton of practical tools to help you navigate your day-to-day relationships.

We’ll go through all stages of relationships

What will we do and what will you go through?

This program is suitable for couples and individuals of all genders.
We’ll openly discuss emotional and physical intimacy, helping you have more sensual energy and vital force.

Why am I leading this program?

Information about the live event:

29 April

date of the event

1pm - 6 pm

Registration starts at 12:30

It is for

Couples and individuals


Natalia Kobylkina


ISH Venues, 1 Park Cres, London, W1B 1SH

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Tassya Tasova
Read More
I feel great. I always learn so much at Natalia’s events. I always understand how to improve and develop myself.
Yanina Kesinkova
Read More
I’m very satisfied with this experience. I admire Natalia. I feel great--charged with energy and more aware of myself.
Kalina Lenkova
Read More
This is my first time attending a seminar by Natalia. I thought it was very helpful and interesting. I learned some very valuable things; I am just 21, and I am yet to have relationships with men.
Magdalena Tzoneva
Read More
I feel great! Natalia’s events recharge my energy and motivate me. I’ve understood so many things about myself--and learned what relationships would be good for me.
Калина Ленкова
Read More
Това е първият ми семинар на Наталия и ми беше много интересно и полезно. Нещата които научих бяха от полза за мен, тъй като съм на 21г и тепърва ще изграждам и развивам отношения с другият пол.
Silvia Miteva
Read More
I’m beyond impressed; I’ve been following Natalia for many years, but this was the first program of hers that I attended.
Stanimira Chakarova
Read More
I feel great, I learned so much about myself at Relationships: A to Z. This was my first event with Natalia, and I loved it. I booked my tickets for her VIP Geisha Program.

Registration opens at 12:30
You cannot bring food or drinks into the venue.

For more information:

Iva Angelincheva | [email protected]