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Recorded Webinar

New! How to Receive Gifts, Love, and Attention from Men?

1 Webinar | 2 hour long

Your energy plays the key role in the abundance of your life, and you have the power to attract miracles and shape your own reality. You may be curious about the secret formula to receive everything you dream of – respect, love, attention, loyalty, and harmonious relationships with your partner.

The answer lies in a simple skill: mastering the art of asking the Universe in the right way.

This program presents a golden opportunity to unlock the vast possibilities and gifts that await you. You will learn how to effortlessly and gratefully receive everything you deserve.

Make your life a magical and pleasant adventure, filled with surprises and everyday wonders!

Who is it for?

This program is designed for you if:

What will we do?

Through this online program, you will:

Information about the Course:

Recorded Webinar

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Who is it for?



Natalia Kobylkina

Online Course

$ 29
  • 1 lecture 2 hour long
  • Homework tasks and assignments
  • Meditations and practises
  • LIFELONG access


Tassya Tasova
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I feel great. I always learn so much at Natalia’s events. I always understand how to improve and develop myself.
Yanina Kesinkova
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I’m very satisfied with this experience. I admire Natalia. I feel great--charged with energy and more aware of myself.
Kalina Lenkova
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This is my first time attending a seminar by Natalia. I thought it was very helpful and interesting. I learned some very valuable things; I am just 21, and I am yet to have relationships with men.
Magdalena Tzoneva
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I feel great! Natalia’s events recharge my energy and motivate me. I’ve understood so many things about myself--and learned what relationships would be good for me.
Silvia Miteva
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I’m beyond impressed; I’ve been following Natalia for many years, but this was the first program of hers that I attended.
Stanimira Chakarova
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I feel great, I learned so much about myself at Relationships: A to Z. This was my first event with Natalia, and I loved it. I booked my tickets for her VIP Geisha Program.

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