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How to Handle Panic Attacks?

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What is this webinar about?


This program is perfect for you because:

  • It will give you that tools you need to handle panic attacks and cope with anxiety.
  • It will help you locate the roots of your fears and anxieties and uproot them.
  • By using different techniques and constellations, it will allow you to cope with and avoid panic attacks..

Stress and panic attacks will shorten your life. Don't let them do so!

What will you learn?

With the help of this program, you will learn the nature and origins of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. In this way, you will understand how to lessen psychological discomfort and lead an emotionally healthier life. This webinar will equip you with all the skills, tricks, and knowledge you need to prevent and avoid psychologically stressful situations, just as it will show you how to be calmer and more at peace with yourself.

Why this is for you?

This program is for everyone who experiences panic attacks and faces stress on a daily basis. I don’t feel stressed, you may say. Well, do you have difficulties breathing? Do you fall asleep quickly? Do you have insomnia? Do you go through vast changes in appetite? If yes, you should know that all of these are physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. You cannot keep living like that. It will make you unhappier, unhealthier, and, of course, it will shorten your lifespan.

This program will provide you with all skills, tools, and knowledge you need to handle stress and lead a psychologically, healthier life.


What will we do?

Throughout this program, we will discuss the nature and origins of panic attacks to help you cope with them. We will discuss why panic attacks occur, how to recognize you’re having a panic attack, and, of course, how you can overcome a panic attack. I will provide you with a plethora of psychological tools and methods that you can employ to become a healthier, calmer individual. After this program’s end, you will feel lighter, more confident, and far better prepared to handle stress and difficult emotions.

Who is the trainer?

Natalia Kobylkina

Family therapist, psychologist, and author, Natalia Kobylkina has gained international fame for transforming lives! Throughout her career, she has helped people from over 150 countries. This has unsurprisingly won her the award "Most Influential Person on Social Media for 2018," among others. She deserves it, that's for sure! Natalia's dedication to changing lives, improving relationships, and helping establish new ones has made thousands happier. As effective as she is, Natalia always aims to tackle old trauma, eliminate blockages, and achieve a positive change in the…

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Recorded Webinar



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