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Oh, Those Bad Boys! User Manual

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What is this webinar about?

Who are the bad guys? There are no rules for them, they break and impose theirs so that they can change them every second. They cannot be trusted. You can’t understand them. Today they say one thing and in the morning another.

They lie a lot, but they also have many advantages. Bad boys are often charismatic, cool, sexual, active, and successful. They can talk, well, they are dressed in good taste, they are fun and extreme. They can be crazy anywhere, they have no rules. They can tell you something naughtier.

They don’t mind arguing with you, throwing you on your shoulder, and getting you in the car the first night. They don’t mind arguing with other men about you. You understand me, don’t you?


This program is perfect for you if want to:

  • learn how to interact constructively and for your own benefit with the “bad guys”?
  • turn from an obedient “doll” to a cunning “puppeteer”?
  • make a male manipulator play by your rules?
  • receive precise and clear recommendations and robust algorithms of behavior.

What will we do?

  • Figuring out what draws manipulative men to you.
  • Working with your shadow, the “dark” side of you.
  • Understanding the rules of communicating with bad boys.
  • Learning how to stay alert and interact with manipulators.
  • Sooner or later, all women encounter male manipulators.
  • Male manipulators are everywhere. They can be your ex-husband, the father of your child, or your tyrannical boss.
  • We suffer when we do not know how to handle male manipulators effectively.
  • This leads us to miss out on opportunities and destroys our self-esteem.

Why this is for you?

  • For women who:
  • Want to stop suffering
  • Strive to understand the nature of manipulator relationships
  • Desire to wrap bad boys around their little finger
  • Aim to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Wish to stay away from heartbreak and find love

This webinar will explore the things bad boys teach us. It will focus on the rules of communication with bad boys, teaching you how to build a relationship with a bad boy on your terms!

What will we do?

  • What lessons do manipulative men teach you?
  • How can you transform from a “sufferer” into a “successful woman” who knows how to benefit from her relationships with bad boys
  • How to act around different kinds of bad boys and spot their strategies for manipulation
  • How to communicate with men for the win

There are men for love, and there are men for games. Often, not having learned the lessons of the latter, we struggle to meet the former. Don’t wait for the bad boy to fall in love with the good girl – that only happens in movies.

Take a stance, communicate your terms, and win!

Who is the trainer?

Nina Kovalyova

Having worked as a psychologist and female coach for over 15 years, Nina Kovalyova is an expert in many fields, including female and male psychology, feminine energy, family trauma, conflict resolution, and emotional dependency. She's now both a lecturer and one of the most renowned instructors at Larisa Renar's Academy for Personal Development. Every day Nina helps thousands of women in Russia and beyond to end their toxic relationships, heal, find the right partner, and establish fruitful, long-lasting connections. Nina has a deep interest in…

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Recorded Webinar



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