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Male Psychology

“Help! I Don’t Understand Him!”

Host: Natalia Kobylkina
How do men think? What do they truly want?

Men and women are different. Our differences lead to conflict, misunderstandings, pain, and even abandonment. As women, we often crave that our men are more like us; but that never happens.

This webinar is for if you’ve fallen into the following situations:

A man disappears (without a reason) even when you think everything is going well;

A man blames you, and you cannot understand why and what for;

A man suddenly becomes aggressive or dominant, and you don’t understand why;

A man refuses to hear you out and sternly refuses to do what you’re asking;

A man refuses commitment and constantly hesitates if you are the right woman for him or not.

These are all signals showing you that you simply don’t understand him!

You can go through as many men as you want but you’d always end up in the same situation if you don’t master the fine art of male psychology.

Are you ready to let go of your ego and start carefully studying male psychology? Are you ready to finally understand the way men think?

What will we discuss?


How do a man’s mother and father formulate his psyche; how to uncover his childhood traumas?


What behaviours does a man expect from his woman based on his childhood?


How to understand the type of family model this man had and recognise his value?


Should you work on the relationship & when it is best to move on?


Competition and partnership with men: how to stop competing with them and start collaborating?


The roles in women’s relationship with men: sons, fathers, lovers. husbands.


Hero or villain: how does a man enter these roles with a woman’s help?


What do men refuse to accept and forgive?


What is very important for women and irrelevant to men – and vice versa?


What qualities can be trained and what characteristics should simply be accepted? How to distinguish between the two?


Compatibility in relationships: why do we attract the men we do?


Why do men cheat and how to react if we catch them cheating?


Yelling and passive aggression: how do we provoke it and how should we react?


How to punish and encourage a man?


How does a man choose a woman with whom he wants to build a relationship and marry?

By the end of this course, you will get much clarity and self-awareness. You will know exactly what to do with the men in your life!

And, throughout the webinar, you’ll be free to ask questions and receive personalised answers! So come prepared.

Male Psychology: “Help! I Don’t Understand Him!”


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