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7-Day Challenge

From the Inside Out

7 videos for only $14

Natalia K

Did you know that the only way to grow is by continually challenging yourself? Yes, that’s right! The only way to advance your life is to face your fears, overcome your worries, and become better and braver!

Good thing that’s exactly what I’ll help you do.

Enter 7-Day Challenge: From the Inside Out – your way to ace life starting today!

In this 7-day program, you’ll participate in a series of challenges that will help you…

Day One

Challenge One: Clear your space!

Clear your space!

The first step to improving your life is improving your environment–inside and out. Take this chance to let go of old and unnecessary material possessions. Then, move on to clearing your mind space. Let me show you how!

How this will change your life… You’ll clear out old blockages, open yourself up to receiving from the Universe, and free yourself from unwanted physical possessions (such as a car or a home).

Day Two

Challenge Two: Substitute self-limiting thoughts and behaviours for positive affirmations.

positive affirmations

You couldn’t even imagine the power of positive thinking! Your mindset creates your reality. If you only change the way you think, you’ll also change the way you live. Now’s your chance to substitute your current mindset for the mindset of a winner.

How this will change your life… Your thoughts can literally help you manifest the dream reality–personally, professionally, romantically, and financially. If you think of yourself as a successful entrepreneur and follow the steps to success, then it’s exactly your mindset that will jumpstart your entrepreneurship journey, attract the people you need, and open up new opportunities for you.

Day Three

Challenge Three: Say Goodbye to your addictions!

Say Goodbye to your addictions

Nothing lowers your vibration more than addiction. Whether you’re addicted to sugar, cigarettes, or alcohol, it’s time to cut it off! Do so for 30 days–then, do it for 100 days. Get ready to be addiction-free for life!

How this will change your life: By becoming addiction-free, you’ll boost your vibration and finally vibrate at the level of your desired reality: whether that’s a certain job or a rich, high-value partner. Also, just so you know, addiction is the greatest barrier to expanding your money flow. Free yourself now and get ready to become rich!

Day Four

Challenge Four: Learn to say “No!”

say “No!”

Being assertive is a great challenge to most, and it’s crucial you learned how to say “No!” and set clear boundaries. In this program, I’ll challenge you to do just that–and show you how to succeed. Hop in on this challenge and practice saying “No!” now.

How this will change your life: It will help you accelerate your career, jumpstart your business, and become an assertive, regal person. That’s how you’ll be met with success everywhere you go, gain people’s respect in a personal and professional plan, and avoid mooches and manipulators for good.

Day Five

Challenge Five: Practice gratitude.

Practice gratitude.

No one knows how much time we’ve got left on this planet–or how much time we have with our loved ones. It’s time we started appreciating them and the life we have more. Practising gratitude daily is a winner’s practice; and you, my darling, have a winner inside you. Let me awaken it.

How this will change your life: By practising gratitude, you’ll elevate your life by elevating your vibration. You’ll form a better relationship with the Universe, our divine source, and win over its support. In this way, you’ll manifest people, events, and circumstances much faster–and only for good. That’s how you can attract great blessings, such as love, money, and career success.

Day Six

Challenge Six: Request some help and/or a gift!


Many of us struggle to rely on others and much prefer to do everything on our own! Well, that’s not a winning strategy. You can only be happy, trusting, and fulfilled if you learn to trust others and receive. Trust me to teach you how.

How this will change your life: You’ll finally start building reciprocal relationships, be provided for by your partners, and receive blessings from the Universe! This is your chance to say goodbye to working yourself like a hamster on a wheel, making less than you deserve, and always being the one to pick up the check. Now’s your time to be spoiled rotten by life.

Day Seven

Challenge Seven: Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never have!

Have you ever wanted to do something but put it off, thinking it wasn’t the right time? Have you ever postponed doing something exciting because you were afraid? Was it “what-if” questions that plagued you? You can liberate yourself from them and embrace bravery to finally start making your own luck. I’ll show you how.

How this will change your life: This is the only way to jumpstart your dream life. By being brave, you can finally move to that country, ask that person out, start that business, and write that book. You’ve got no time to waste. Carpe diem!

Do you relate to these challenges? Do you feel like facing and acing them can elevate your life? I promise you it will! If you feel that way, too, and want to reap all the benefits of living as a winner, then welcome to 7-Day Challenge: From the Inside Out!

This is a specially tailored set of challenges for YOU. You don’t have to show up at a certain time on a certain day. You’ll receive your set of daily challenges (and a bonus meditation!) at the start of the challenge. You can do these challenges at any time–and at any place–you choose. Your comfort and convenience are our utmost priority, and so is your personal growth. Trust this challenge to transform your reality. With it, day by day, your life will begin to change.

Caution! This is not for the weak-hearted. This one-of-a-kind challenge will make you encounter your common fears, worries, and issues and push you to your limits. Everything you’ve been turning a blind eye to… it will uproot! It will drastically shift the way you view yourself and your life. But, then, it will also show you a clear path to tackling your fears and eliminating your insufficiencies. Let them control you no more. Take your life into your own hands now! You are born to win in life.

714 - 7 days (and 7 challenges) for only $14!

(714, by the way, is an angel number that awakens your best self.)

So, what are you waiting for? Awaken your best self today.


In addition to everything else, you’ll also participate in a special meditation for releasing limiting beliefs and cultivating positive energy. It will allow you to clear your blockages and ready yourself for a brand new beginning. This meditation is my secret method for achieving great results in no time!

only $14