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Host: Natalia Kobylkina

Every woman deserves happiness. Every woman deserves to fulfil her deepest dreams! Yet, many women remain stuck, held back by pain, trauma, and regret.

For decades, I have been seeking ways to heal trauma and transform lives. I, too, have dreamed and continue to dream. I dream of helping women change the course of their lives  of enabling them to rewrite their stories and change their destinies.

I found the way to do just that. In 2009, I used it as the foundation of my Happy Woman system!

SINCE THEN, OVER 50, 000 WOMEN HAVE PASSED THROUGH HPPY WOMAN AND TRANSFORMED THEIR LIVES. My Happy women now speak of their lives in two chapters: before and after Workshop!



You will overcome your childhood traumas. You will eliminate fears and self-limiting beliefs.

You will locate the point of development where you got stuck and free yourself from it. You will liberate your soul from pain and discover its path.

You will rewire your neural connections, thus creating brand new ways of thinking, acting, and perceiving the world. This will enable you to see things differently and, in consequence, achieve more positive outcomes.


You will look at yourself in a brand new way, aware of your feminine power. You will free your inner woman and emphasize your femininity.

You will grow filled with inner peace, balance, light, and hope. You will reconnect with the energy of love and learn how to find something good - something lovely and beautiful - in every situation.

You will establish a great deal of self-love. You will also reveal your tremendous ability to love men.


No matter what life brings them, this workshop turn every situation – and every challenge – into something intricately beautiful. They respond with love. They live through the energy of love and light! “Happy woman” also carry that energy into the lives of those around them. It’s for this reason that Happy women motivate their men to reach their potential and grow immensely more successful. Happy women live at a high vibration and fulfil all their dreams with ease.

What do our clients say?

Yvonne Paramasamy
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I can relate to the first testimonial, doing the Happy woman 1 peals one layer of trauma and then Happy woman 2 was going even deeper. I feel so grown up and capable Happy Woman💃🏽, you truly are a soul shining light to us who needs it, you have helped me so much with the impossible. You inspire me to live my best life and since then everything works like magic. (My plants got approved btw, I'm over the moon 🌝✨🤗❤).
Sofia Marbella
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Natalia is a transformational therapist and skilful motivational speaker. She helps thousands of people understand their traumas and realize the source of their pain. When you feel that all is lost, you can simply think of Natalia’s practices and realize there is a solution to every problem. With her help, you can face it all! Natalia, I am eternally grateful for your presence, guidance, and support! ❤️ You’re always smiling, infecting each and every one of us with your wonderful sense of humour. Never stop doing what you do so well! Thank you for everything. Respectfully,
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I was told that “Happy woman 1” and “Happy woman 2” would change my life forever. I didn’t believe it! Now, however, I do! These courses helped me transform my life. Everything is so much better now! To those of you who doubt a single course – or two – could have such a profound impact on your life, let me say this: Yes, this is possible! Allow yourself the luxury of transformation. Join Natalia’s courses, hop in on this adventure, and find yourselves in the process! You will encounter the answers to difficult dilemmas! I am forever grateful to Natalia, whom I follow and love dearly. Natalia, I never expected such a positive change. Never. Your courses made me face my fears and pain, that I have to admit, but I am glad that happened. Truthfully, I couldn’t have moved forward without it. I therefore took the risk and triumphed! Now, I feel I need to take a few more seminars, preferably ones on synergy and healing from trauma. Your courses have made me this thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement! Now that I know I can get both of these with your help, I feel even more motivated to seek transformation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️ You are amazing!
Christie Val
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Natalia’s seminars helped me look within and quickly acknowledge the pain that weighed me down. I realized what the source of my unhappiness was—immoral women who tried to break my family apart—and understood why I lived in state of constant misery. Fogged by self-doubt, I used hid in my fears, which affected both my personal and my professional development. Natalia, you’re my guardian angel! Thanks to you, I managed to combat my misery and lead a better life. I am so grateful to you. You helped me realize my mistakes, just as you showed me the root of my pain. Your courses “Happy woman 1 and Happy woman 2” encouraged me to overcome trauma and become a better version of myself. I am a woman with a successful career and a happy family. I can control my emotions. I thank you from the bottom of my soul ❤
Maria Anderson
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Natalia’s programs are beyond influential: they did not merely transform me but also began changing those around me. The process is, of course, long and difficult; there is always room for improvement. One by one, Natalia’s different seminars turned into the tiny steps I was making on the path to happiness and abundance. I discovered my blockages, examined the roots of my traumas, and eradicated the self-limiting beliefs that hindered my progress. My life is no longer what is used to be – it is ten times better! Thank you so much, Natalia! You help us encounter profound experiences in the most unexpected—yet easy to comprehend—ways. I am beyond grateful. I took part in your in-person seminars, “Happy woman 1 and Happy woman 2,” which helped me grow as an individual and improve myself. This further motivated me to try hard and improve my life. I find it both motivating and pleasurable to follow you and share your magic. Once again, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏🏻❤
BASIC Bundle
geisha - happy woman
Price: $199


VIP Bundle
Only 15 participants

Price: $598


With its boutique approach, the VIP bundle ensures you will eradicate all traces of childhood trauma, adopt an abundance-friendly mindset, and successfully transition into the energy of light and love.

This bundle offers a combination of all Happy woman Programs.

Price: $549


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