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"How to Stand Out

and Be Unique"

Recorded Webinar

When I started creating the program, I asked myself, "What do all my clients want?" And without hesitation, I answered myself, "They want to find themselves!"

Some people discover their true selves through their partners, while others find it through success and money. Some even look to their friends and children to understand their individuality.

Being authentic has always been very important to me. It sets me apart from everyone else and allows others to see me differently.

But it all comes down to my self-confidence. I have learned to be unique and I don’t waste time comparing myself to others.

If you feel like you don't fit into society's norms and standards, that's great! Embrace it as your greatest strength! Turn your authenticity into your personal brand. That way, the right people will notice you, and you'll enter relationships that bring positive experiences into your life.

Remember, when a person loses their authenticity, they become like everyone else.

People who don't show their true selves are insecure, and it's easy for others to see their fake behavior. They often face rejection, which is understandable. No one wants someone who wears a mask around them. Such behavior drains energy and doesn't lead to anything positive.

What will we discuss:

Remember, only if you are genuine and authentic, your partner will respond in the same way.

This program is valuable because it will help you realize that life has its ups and downs, and we don't always achieve money, wealth, friends, and love.
But the most important thing is to stay true to ourselves.

D. M.
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"The course "Miss Authenticity" immersed me into the depths of my own personality and unlocked my ability to be honest about myself, to confidently assert, "This is who I am!" It made me realize what brings me happiness and allowed me to break free from patterns that were preventing me from showing my true self. The practical exercises were very helpful, enabling me to openly talk about what I don't like about myself and transform my weaknesses into strengths. I became aware of childhood patterns that I was repeating in adulthood and learned to create new rules for myself. The course helped me understand that we can have authentic relationships while still setting personal boundaries. It's essential to communicate our standards and negotiate with ourselves about what we allow and what we don't. I also realized that to unlock authenticity in our partners, we must be fully authentic and genuine ourselves. I found it valuable to discover that through authenticity, we can achieve what we desire by being congruent and allowing ourselves to express our inner desires. Leaving the course, I gained many insights about myself and my interactions with others. I feel more confident, ready to achieve, openly assert, and defend my authenticity, guided by my inner voice, and harmonizing my mind and heart."
R. S.
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"I just completed the course 'Miss Authenticity.' During the meditation, lying on my back, I smiled, embraced myself, felt whole, complete, happy, aware, and authentic. A beloved woman... I imagined myself dancing with a wonderful man, gentle, smelling amazing, with soft hands and a teasing tongue... he was leading me through the dance floor to the sounds of a Spanish romance. All eyes were on us, and I was enchanting in the sparkling red silk dress he gifted me after we made love instead of having breakfast... The lights dimmed, the music slowly faded, and I gazed at the moon with gratitude. I feel alive, loved, sufficient for myself and the world. Thank you, Natalia, and the team. Thank you for the care and opportunities you provide us. I deserve to feel like myself."



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