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with Michaela Chakalova

What do I do?

I craft natal (birth) charts. A natal chart is a “picture” of all planetary positions at the moment of your birth. It’s calculated with the help of your rising sign, which determines the order of your horoscope. Once they have a natal chart, astrologers can give you copious information about your faith, qualities, career, mission, love, partnerships, marriage, children, and income.

I can show you your talents, as well as reveal those areas of your life where you need to invest more time and effort. I will help you get to know yourself better and uncover your true self and divine potential.

For as long as I can remember, astrology has been a part of my life. I ask every person I meet about their zodiac sign. I then ask them for their time and place of birth, calculating their natal chart in my mind. It’s as if my brain was wired for astrological analyses! I’ve always been curious about my personality strengths and weaknesses. I sought to know what I was good at, just as I wanted to know what I was like in relationships and how I could ascend in my career. Marking a pivotal moment in my life, astrology helped me recognize the path of my soul! Astrology revealed I was to undergo a transformation in my life – going from air to fire. This meant I had to stop focusing on others and learn to focus on myself. That helped me understand where I had to go, where I was going, and how to get there. I ended my toxic relationship immediately. I found a summer job abroad. For the first time in my life, I felt free. I felt that I was finally putting myself first – which, as indicated by North Node in Ares, was my life purpose.
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What topics will we discuss?

Natal Chart

  • Who am I?
  • How do I make money?
  • What’s my family like?
  • How do I have fun & what am I like in love?
  • Will I have children?
  • What am I like as a professional?
  • How’s my health & where are my physical weaknesses?
  • Marriage and relationships: what’s my partner like?
  • How’s my relationship with my community?
  • How do I think?
  • What’s my relationship with other countries and will I immigrate?
  • Profession, career, realization, finding the path of your soul, and contributing to society.
  • The unconscious & its secrets.
  • Video recording. You will also receive a written natal chart report.

Prognosis + Yearly Horoscope

You will understand your transits, thus learning about current and upcoming events, situations, and opportunities. You will also recognize what may happen in the upcoming couple of years.
Yearly horoscope – you will obtain a detailed analysis of your transiting planets and their aspects. You will also understand what planets will be auspicious and, thus, where to guide your focus throughout the period.

Solar - birthday-to-birthday annual horoscope

Solar – You will learn your rising sign for the year and understand where you should direct your focus. You will also understand what you can do throughout this year and what it will be like as a whole. The prognosis includes the period between two birthdays.

Video recording and written report.


You will understand your planetary aspects this month and their influence on your life. You will learn how you feel, why you feel that way, what actions to take, and what decisions to avoid / delay making.

Video recording and written report.


Synastry – an analysis of two people’s compatibility

You will obtain a detailed analysis of your charts and their planetary aspects. You will understand what potential challenges you may face, just as you will learn where your strengths as partners lie. This type of astrological analysis is typically done for couples, but it can also be performed for business partners, familial relationships, and so on.

Video recording and written report.

Synastry is a field of astrology that compares the natal charts of two individuals. It’s a great way to learn more about the compatibility and relationship between two people. For a synastry chart to be created, there has to be a relationship between the partners. They can be romantically or professionally entangled. Such a chart should not be created if you don’t already have a bond with the other person.

These charts can analyse a relationship between a parent and their child; an employer and their employee; two business partners; and two friends. Even so, synastry charts are most commonly used for lovers and spouses.

About this session…

You will get a descriptive analysis of your main planets, including your Sun (your zodiac sign), your Mood, your Mars, your Venus, your Mercury, and your Ascendant. You will also learn about the influence of your Saturn, the stern, helpful teacher, your Jupiter, the planet of joy and abundance, and your Uranus, the rebel that leads you to act impulsively. You will also learn he relative placement of your partner’s planets in your houses. This analysis will provide you with ample knowledge about your partner and your relationship, including possible strengths and weaknesses.

This session is perfect for those of you who want to…

  • Determine if your partner is right for you;
  • Understand if you should break up with your partner;
  • Examine your relationship from a different angle;
  • Get more clarity about prospective connections;
  • Decide whether to enter a partnership with someone;
  • Overcome a difficult relationship with another person and learn from it.

Video recording and written report.


The astrologer cannot be held accountable for incorrect information on the client’s behalf. We, therefore, advise you to do a Rectification at your first visit to the astrologer; this will prevent the continued use of wrong information and concomitant disappointment.

Astrological sessions go as follows:

1. You indicate your full name and specify your time, date, and place of birth. In case you’re married, you should provide your maiden name.

2. The astrologer crafts a recording where they explain your horoscope. That recording is then sent to you. You have the right to ask questions and receive an answer within a reasinable frame of time.

3. These sessions are conducted through Viber, Skype, or Zoom. You need to have booked your time and date in advance.

4. These consultations are conducted online!

This service is prepared within 20 working days after filling in the necessary information in the form you will receive after purchase.

You’ve got to book your slot at least one week in advance.

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