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Our New Online Marathon!

33 Days to the Dream Relationship

THIS MARATHON IS based on the book “33 days to the dream”

I love my clients; they give me such great ideas! A while back, a few American women who had just purchased my book 33 Days to the Dream suggested I do a marathon on the material in the book. “Natalia,” they wrote, “why don’t you base a marathon on the book? We could go through all the practices together!

I, of course, embraced this idea. And, voila, my 33 Days to the Dream marathon is here!

In order to reprogram our brain, we need to establish new neural connections over the course of 33 days.

It’s for this reason we’ll spend 33 days doing new practices and employing techniques for change!

DATE: 1/06/2022 | Host: Natalia Kobylkina

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33 Days to the Dream is the Bible of relationships.

This program will lead you to dive deep into your character and discover who you are! You will understand what partner you need, how to attract and keep him, and how to influence him. You will learn how to resist manipulation. You will also do different practices and employ strategies for success.

It will be extremely helpful to those who:

33 Days to the Dream Relationship

Struggle to find the right partner.

Face difficulties in their relationships.

Never get to marriage.

Attract married partners.

Find themselves stuck and unable to move on.

End up in love triangles.

Seek new fascinating friends.

Want to penetrate male and female psychology to help yourself establish a happy relationship.

Long to learn and develop themselves.

Wish to become experts at human relationships.

The first 50 single participants will get to join a 90-minute online meeting and do some speed-dating!

Program Curriculum:

This course includes 33 live videos and recordings with your homework tasks and meditations; it also offers a movie list and Whatsapp groups. This marathon will give you the opportunity to work on all aspects of your romantic relationship, including feeding your inner energy, attracting and keeping the right partner, and setting boundaries.

Product Bundles

33 Days to the Dream Relationship

Basic Bundle

ORIGINAL price $599

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/less than $5 per webinar/

VIP Bundle

ORIGINAL price $599

ON SALE for only $499
/(group up to 25 people/

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