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Free Ritual for love and money with Zara Atanasova

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Recorded Webinar

This session is perfect for you because...

  • By this ritual, you will call for money in your life!
  • “The 5 powers” is one of the ancient rituals used by the great sorceresses to awaken the 5 senses through the power of animals, the human world, hearing, and smell.
  • It is one of the most powerful rituals for attracting love and money and awakening the senses and as we know the safest way to communicate with the Universe is through our senses.

What will you learn?

Through the ritual, we change our beliefs and communicate with the subconscious and thus we eliminate fears and lift the desire, and when we focus all our energy on the desire, money will simply flow from everywhere.
The ritual helps us not think about where the money will come from or how the money will come.

Who is it for?

  • It is suitable for those who:
    • want to have the partner of their dreams
    • want to have a happy marriage and family
  • You will make a powerful meditation together and will end by drawing several Deste cards for the entire group.

What's the program?

The Universe is abundant, it has no boundaries or limits to abundance, and the limitations are only in our heads. We can have as much money as we want, only if fear does not interfere with this belief.
In this webinar, Zoi will also reveal the secrets of an ancient ritual for love.

Who is the trainer?

Zara Atanasova

Theta-Healer, Deste cards Teller according to the Greek system, numerologist and the clairvoyant of celebrities, removes black magical and helps with rituals for money and attracting partners. From a very young age, Zoi had the talent to predict the future. She went through a serious illness and nobody knew if she would survive, she was left alone in a hospital and despite the poor prognosis, she survived. What helped her was the faith in God, prayers and meditations. After her recovery, she acquired the talent…

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Recorded Webinar



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