Marathon: Our Feminine Nature

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What is this webinar about?

The Femininity Nature Marathon is your unique opportunity to start living in peace and harmony with yourself. To find your inner balance and femininity. Women nowadays are so overwhelmed with trying to have a career, be the best mother and wife while at the same time accomplishing all the expectations that the fast-moving world has on them. 

It’s quite the challenge, isn’t it? The reason why this happens is that the modern busy woman is shifting between male and female energy on a daily basis. Women are the ones who should live with ease. They have the divine feminine energy in them and if it is locked they struggle. 

We as women should know how to be in the flow of our powerful femininity given to us. We need to cherish it and learn how to develop it. 


This program is perfect for you if you know:

  • that the feminine woman is soft but strong. She is wise, at the same time sweet, gracious, and sustainable but for some reason, you feel disconnected from that woman inside you.
  • that this woman can get her way by staying true to herself. If you find that you have difficulties with something but you can’t find a logical explanation then maybe you are just not true to your femininity.
  • such a woman is able to attract a strong and decent man. This is one of the most frequently discussed topics. Women need to understand that they are the ones who have the power to attract the right man. This can happen only when they feel their inner heavenly nature.
  • that you need to find your inner beauty and show it to the world around you! You have waited enough!

Learn how to be the perfect woman! Change but stay true to your nature!

What will you learn?

  • To reveal the secrets about the real feminine qualities and which ones you need to develop in yourself.
  • You will balance the masculine and feminine in yourself
  • You will part with negative and destructive emotions.
  • You will discover your inner qualities, which will help you reveal your inner femininity and beauty.
  • During this training, you will learn effective practices, exercises, and meditations,
  • You will be filled with feminine energy, rediscover yourself,
  • Radically change your outlook on femininity and your life.

Why this is for you?

The reason why this program will be useful for you is actually very transparent. After you pass it you will know what is the secret of the perfect woman. She is a nice and tender girl, a passionate and sexual lover, a brave and independent queen, and a caring and loving mother and wife.

This marathon is for you if you:

  • Feel suppressed and irritable.
  • Feel unhappy in their personal life and are not capable of building a harmonious relationships.
  • Have forgotten about themselves in the hasty and dynamic lifestyle giving all their time to the man, children, and parents
  • For workaholics who spend too much time at work.
  • Want to become this perfect woman.

What will we do?

During the marathon, we will be exploring:

  • Psychological skills that will help you to dig deep into yourself, to discover and overcome your blockages and psychological problems.
  • Guidelines for getting into the feminine energy and immersion in the depths of the female body.
  • Practices and meditations for cleansing from negative emotions and gaining femininity.
  • Advice that will help you discover which of the qualities of the real woman you need to develop.
  • Ways to balance the masculine and feminine principles in you.
  • Methods of overcoming the tension destroying your feminine energy.

Who is the trainer?

Nina Kovalyova

Master of Psychology, Therapist, Lecturer, Mandala Method Training Training: St. Petersburg Institute of Psychology and Acmeology, qualification: psychologist, psychology lecturer. Training of coaches at the St. Petersburg Instructor School at the Humanitarian Technology Center “Soul” 2010 - 2011. Training "The basics of psychological correction of eating disorders by the method "Doctor Bormental" at the International Medical Psychological Association "Doctor Bormental" 2013. Training of coaches of “The Scarlet sails" at Larisa Renar's "Academy of Private Life" 2014. Training "Mandala” method in psychological practice", Institute of Practical…

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Recorded Marathon



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