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"Manifest and Lose Weight"

100% Guarantee for healthy and lasting weight loss without yo-yo effect!

Have you always wanted to have a well-shaped and toned body?

Have you gone through failed attempts, tried all sorts of programs, starvation diets and other extreme ways to lose weight fast and then everything returned to its starting point?

Have you been training for a long time, but don’t see results?


“I am a personal trainer and nutritionist. I am a mother of three children and I have always been able to keep in great shape. I will reveal my secret to you with this program!”

Victoria Paul


Who is it for?

This marathon is suitable for anyone who wants to:

What will you get?

What will you achieve?

This program will give you both a training program + diet at a price lower than one personal training.

Basic package

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$ 69
  • 4 types of menu will be uploaded daily - Traditional, Vegetarian, Nursing and Metabolic
  • Daily training 6 times a week lasting 30 minutes - 3 strength training with own weight, dumbbells and rubber bands and 3 cardio training.
  • The training sessions will be recorded and can be viewed conveniently at any time.

VIP package

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$ 120
  • Everything from the Basic Package
  • 1 hour of personal consultation
  • 1 week detox program

Reviews from the "Manifest and Lose Weight" Workshop:

 Hello Vicky, I absolutely love this marathon! Many thanks for your hard work. Training 15 was superb!

Endless gratitude for the guidance, regimen, and exercises!!! I will continue in the coming months because the results are truly worth it. I am sharing some pictures as evidence.

Thank you primarily for the motivation I received, as it was exactly what I had been lacking in the years of striving for lasting results. And your fantastic recipes are slowly but surely turning into a menu for the whole family. The kids have become avid fans of the whole-grain toast with mozzarella and tomato and the poached egg.

Вики,”This marathon has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I learn powerful manifestation techniques, but I also managed to shed unwanted weight. The combination of mindset work and practical tools provided in the program helped me align my thoughts and actions towards my weight loss goals. I am grateful for this transformative journey.” – Sarah

 Vicky, thousands of thanks for this marathon! I fully agree with Nadia when she says, “This is the most meaningful investment I have made for my appearance and health.” I still have one more week to go, but so far the results for me have been amazing: 3 kilograms lost (without feeling hungry at all), and most importantly, a surge of energy and a fantastic mood. The exercises are super effective (although the first three days were quite challenging for me), and I will continue doing them even after I finish the diet plan. Greetings, gratitude, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting your new programs!

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