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Psychology in Business -

the Key to Leadership and Success

Business in 6 Steps

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Join this 6-module program to unlock your potential!

How I started...

When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t have a single cent in my pocket. However, I possessed a wealth of expertise and a burning ambition to advance. I experimented with a myriad of strategies, honed my leadership and managerial skills, and learned on the fly, setting ambitious goals and consistently achieving them. Surprisingly, my two psychology degrees didn’t serve as a guaranteed path to success in my career. Instead, I achieved remarkable milestones through hands-on business experience and the knowledge I acquired along the way.


I firmly believe that many of you have the potential to attain greater success in your professional pursuits. I am committed to championing your aspirations and achievements. My aim is to equip you with readily applicable knowledge and tools that will propel you to greater heights. I speak from the perspective of a practitioner who has built the most successful personality development company in the Balkans, reaching a global scale.

Who is this program for:​

Why did I create this academy?

I did it because i have valuable experience that i want to share with you! I have owned and managed my own business for over ten years. I founded my business with zero starting capital. Today it brings in millions in revenue. I believe that business is  like child: you push hard, giving birth to a new beginning. You then nourish them, giving them attention, love, patience, and limitless dedication.

let me help you learn and apply the universal rules of business! after all, success is a matter of execution. do what you must, and you will succeed. Follow the wrong path and fail terribly.I will prepare you to establish and develop a lucrative product.

Mastering psychology is absolutely essential for skyrocketing your business to massive success and skillfully leading strong teams.

About Natalia

 For over two decades, Natalia has been at the helm of one of the Balkans’ most thriving businesses in the realm of personal development. Each month, she and her team earn the trust of thousands of clients who, following their training at the school, undergo profound transformations and gain clarity in their lives.

Natalia initiated her venture from the ground up. Despite commencing without any initial capital, she achieved multimillion-dollar turnovers, relying solely on her intellect and her expertise in psychology as her tools.

Natalia’s objective, in tandem with the entire program, is to assist individuals in effectively cultivating their businesses or successfully guiding burgeoning enterprises and teams. This goal can be realized by unlocking the inherent potential that resides within us, enabling us to attain financial freedom while pursuing our dream vocations.

The program offers an opportunity for mental growth by fostering a fresh entrepreneurial mindset.

The knowledge acquired will empower you to effortlessly motivate both yourself and others.



Natalia Kobylkina

You will acquire vital skills through our 6 modules that are crucial for your professional growth. You have the option to enroll in each one individually or benefit from the entire system as a comprehensive package.

Psychology of Leadership:

Psychology in Leading Strong Team:

Consumer Psychology:

Psychology in Sales:

Confidence and Body Language Psychology:

Psychology of Influence:

Bonus! Managing Stress, Handling Crisis Situations, and Transforming Burnout – How to Navigate Challenges and Leverage Crises for Personal Growth!

All these subjects and much more will be addressed in the "Psychology in Business" program.


*Not applicable when purchasing individual modules.

Price: $294



Up to 20 people

*Not applicable when purchasing individual modules.

Цена: $740


Become rich, successful, and fulfilled. Don’t postpone your success any longer! Thrive now – because you can do this, and because you’re meant to do this. Fulfil your dreams today!

My Business Academy is the best start for everyone who wishes to actualize their dreams and become rich and successful. Through this Academy, I will introduce you to valuable skills and knowledge that I’ve learned over the years. Remember: as a successful businesswoman myself, I can give you practical advice - one which you will never find in textbooks or purely theoretical business courses.



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