What is it like to be a classy woman?

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What is it like to be a classy woman?

There are noticeable women who look classy at first glance. Women radiating style, confidence, and femininity. Women who are independent, but for whom men are ready to promise the moon. These women conquer not only men’s hearts but also the high social class.

You might say that this class comes from within, that they are born with luck, beauty, and so on. But these are only excuses for relieving ourselves of responsibility. We calm down that we are not so lucky and nothing depends on us.

The truth is that they did not receive anything for free, or at least no more than we all received when we were born. The difference is that these women created themselves!

I believe that each of us can do the same! You can create yourself and be yourself starting from today!

How does this work?

  1. Thinking.
    • Start by changing the way you think, your habits, and your actions. These are the three keys to any change in your life. The classy woman does not think day today but has a vision for her future.
    • She does not give up on circumstances and does self-pity in the corner of the room, on the contrary – she is always with her head high up, positive attitude and looking for solutions and opportunities.
    • The classy woman uses her time in activities that will bring her value and does not waste it in aimless surfing on Internet, watching TV series, or having long conversations with friends. So make a list of 100 things you do often, almost every day, or at least every week. Don’t stop until you reach 100.
    • Then look at the list and write down against each line whether it is worth it or it is a waste of time. This will give you a clear perspective of which habits you need to change.
  2. Body.
    • Many women make the mistake of not taking care of their bodies. By care, I mean not only beauty treatments – but they are also important, but this is not the main thing. Beauty starts with health and this is the foundation on which you should add cosmetic procedures and products.
    • First, create habits for healthy eating, drinking enough water, and doing exercises. Women from high society maintain their figure and do sports.
    • In addition, over the years they become more attractive, and regardless of age, men continue to want them, and professionally (clients and colleagues) continue to admire and adore them.
  3. Vision.
    • Our overall style. How they perceive us is greatly influenced by our clothes and accessories, their combination, our hairstyle, manicure, etc.
    • Classy women have their own personal style for every occasion and always look immaculately and appropriately dressed for the occasion.
    • If you find it difficult to do it by yourself, you can hire a stylist who will not only help you completely change your wardrobe but will also save you money, because you will not buy anything unnecessary that you will not wear later.
  4. Confidence.
    • If you have already fulfilled the above points, most likely your confidence has at least doubled. However, it is important to work on your behavior and your inner self-esteem. Learn to speak with class and charisma, to influence people with presence, to stand up for yourself and your principles.
    • My webinar “Successful Communication” will help you a lot: https://kobylkina.com/product/successful-communication/
  5. Energy.
    • The radiance of a person is something we feel on a subconscious level. Yes, perceptions affect us, and to a large extent, if a good-looking, well-maintained, and confident person stands in front of us, we will perceive him with admiration.
    • But what affects us the most is energy.
    • There are people we want to be around who seem to attract us like a magnet, and others who repel us for no reason. That’s why it’s important to work with your energy.

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