5 ways to reach orgasm

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5 ways to reach orgasm

When we have sex, the most important thing for men is not his orgasm, but his woman’s orgasm. He needs to see and feel how from his fingers, kisses and touches the woman melts like chocolate and becomes liquid, warm and happy.

However, most women get tight and worried during sex, they are not able to relax and look more like a hedgehog because of nerves and complexes than the liquid chocolate.

As a woman and sexologist working with women from all over the world for more than 15 years, I want to give you some practical tips on how to become liquid chocolate with your loved one:

  1. Cleanse child complexes in terms of sex – often at my seminars we have a very beautiful practice when you think back in the past and imagine yourself as a little girl and remember the first time you had sexual pleasure. And often at this moment you feel ashamed or guilty that you are doing something wrong. Then these negative feelings block your sexual center and do not allow you to enjoy sex.

And now close your eyes and imagine this little girl in front of you and tell her out loud: It is right to love your body and get pleasure from sex. You are beautiful and every part of your body is beautiful. And tell her everything else that would allow you to give yourself permission to get pleasure and to love your body.

  1. Learn to speak wisely about sex – here is one specific feature of the “The Perfect woman” webinar, we pay a lot of attention to how and what exactly to tell men and how to connect to your desire. It is important to capture the right moment and the most appropriate time when you are in neutral territory – for a walk in the park, for dinner at the restaurant. Please, do not talk about sex, especially about problems you have with him in bed. The bed is a place where we are naked and really vulnerable. And every word you say there is perceived many times more painful, and even if you say something neutral, your partner might take it as an accusation or an attack. Do not say: You cannot do it. Use: I would like, It would be nice for me, It would be very nice, It excites me when you… Communication and sincere sharing about your sexual needs is a super important part of successful sex.


  1. Get to know your body – I am convinced that if you have a passionate connection with your body and you know how to bring yourself to super orgasms, this will allow you to have the same with your partner. If you play the piano, then you know how play in general. Develop your body. Learn to breathe through your mouth during sex, find out what parts of your body are most sensitive, what fantasies get you excited. While making love with your partner, use your fingers as well. Play with your clitoris while he penetrates you.


  1. Take the initiative and be yourself – often women are left only in the passive position or are afraid to express themselves. And men don’t always know what exactly you like. Take the initiative for your pleasure. Try to get on top of your partner and move in different ways, giving yourself time to find out what exactly you like: what movement and rhythm fits your body. Study yourself and tell your partner: Today I want to study my body and my reactions and please help me to rediscover myself, I need your help.


  1. Try all types of sex – the woman can have 6 types of orgasm. Clitoral, vaginal, anal, female ejaculation, uterine and energy orgasm. And that is why when you try all types of sex and different practices, you can easily unlock this ability in yourself.

Bonus! A bonus technique from the course “The lover”

Make a foreplay with touches, a gentle massage, kisses and then your partner penetrates your vagina with fingers and starts gently pushing the G–spot – just to make you wet and then tell you: Touch yourself. And you start playing with your clitoris yourself, knowing how to get close to orgasm. The partner gently pulls his fingers out of your vagina and gently opens your bottom with fingers using lubricant or massage oil. Penetration into the anus unlocks the limbic system and activates loss of control. With those two things combined, when he moves his finger in the anus and you play with your clitoris, you will have a unique orgasm in less than 5 minutes! Enjoy this process :))

If you want to learn more how to turn your head off, how to technically learn to get to the 6 types of orgasm, how to drive men crazy in bed through oral love – I am expecting you on the online courses The Lover and Sexology for women.