I am a 30-year-old virgin

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I am a 30-year-old virgin

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am 30 years old. I have been dating a man and we get along very well. Up until now, however, I haven’t had sex. When is the most appropriate moment to share this with him?

In women’s sexuality, there is the concept of “imprinting”, the imprinting of the image. Our first man gets imprinted on our overall sexuality. Therefore, we need to carefully choose him, to feel that our body and soul want him!

It is essential that you tell your partner you are a virgin. Which is the right moment is hard to say. But don’t do last minute when you’re already in bed! Say it beforehand in a confidential conversation: I’m a virgin, but I chose you as my first man. I feel (and say how you feel – anxiety, shame, etc.) and it matters to me if you (and tell him what you want him to do). Be as specific as possible. If a man has feelings for you, he will do anything you ask him to do. It is a good idea to fall asleep together so that you can feel his love and closeness the next morning. The later we have our first sex, the more painful it can be. But it is not obligatory! 30% of women do not feel pain or discomfort; 30% experience mild pain and only 30% actually experience severe pain. If you are relaxed and humid, it will be easy!
For men, the issue of virginity is different. The first sex is not so important to them. Their virginity has to do with penetration… into the anus! The man always remembers who the first one to penetrate the back door was! If the experience is negative, he may no longer allow it. So, dear ladies, be careful with your nails and use a lubricant.