You are not Aden, you are a wild tiger

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You are not Aden, you are a wild tiger

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]When I get to having sex with a woman I have erection issues. While we are dressed I am about to burst but when we get naked – that’s it. This happens once or twice, after this I have no problems… Until we separate and then “hell” begins again, I should search for a new girlfriend. I have been with three women so far, it happened with all three of them, big shame. Should I try some Viagra or other pills?

There are so many “movies” playing in our heads! In our fantasies we find ourselves so sexy, open-minded, relaxed. Men always have an erection and we have sex for hours. Women imagine endless times of coming and losing perception for the world. But the more we fantasize, the further we move away from reality. Here is what I suggest:

1. Confess your fears to your partner. For example – I’m afraid I won’t have an erection. Ask her to share her concerns also, for example, that after sex you will not find her interesting anymore.

2. Say what would help you. For example – I would feel much better if you kissed me during penetration.

3. Get into the role. Imagine that you are not Aden at the moment but a wild tiger having unbridled sex. This counteracts shame.

4. It is important that the end is positive.

There is one principle in life: I always suspend at the peak of success. This peak can be an orgasm, but also an unforgettable kiss, a very gentle hug… something that leaves a positive memory.