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Sixth sense about sex

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]I think I don’t look bad but men don’t go after me a lot. A friend of mine recently told me that they sense which woman will be good in bed and this is why. How can I show them what I am like since they don’t notice me? How to radiate sex?

Women often make a very big mistake by thinking: let the Prince first come and then I will unlock my sexuality. And because at the moment I don’t have a partner – there is no point in thinking about sex or masturbating.

Dear ladies, this is the biggest mistake you can make! Women who regularly orgasm – whether it is from sex, masturbation, toys, – they release a substance that attracts men. The vagina of a sexually satisfied woman smells different and makes men want sex. Women who do not like sex and do not masturbate have a much lower chance of attracting a sexual man and have to choose from less-than-high-quality partners. We did a study asking different men what criteria women choose and who is the perfect lover in their opinion. And it turned out:

1. She loves sex! She initiates it, shows it with her body, clothes.
Recommendation for women: learn to radiate sex, it’s very simple – think about sex! As you look at a man, imagine how you do it with him, in what position, what he does with his fingers and what you do with your lips. Shamelessly fantasize while talking to him about serious things.
2. She is sexually experienced or satisfied by masturbation.

Masturbation – morning and / or evening – is a must, especially if you live alone! Find new ways to touch yourself, new toys, new places. Have sex with your partner. Remove all restrictions – realize your wildest fantasies.

3. She loves and knows her body. The male body too!
Stand naked in front of the mirror and start looking at yourself and caressing. How do you want your breasts to be touched? And the belly?
Which part is most sensitive to touch? Do you want gentle touches or passionate ones? Look at your genitals very carefully. See how beautiful you are below: gentle, juicy, vibrant… find at least 20 nice words to describe yourself. Admire yourself. Our bodies are a gift from nature – enjoy this beauty. Learn to see it and show it.

4. She easily orgasms or knows how to do it and tells her partner.
Each woman has specific features and most of them are not physiological. One expects to hear something definite, another wants to be touched some place, third – to be blindfolded and let her fantasize. Explain in detail to your partner what helps you come! Don’t ask him to be Stirlitz, who has to solve secrets – believe me, this does not attract mature and smart men! They do not want shy girls, but sexually liberated women who know what they want and can say it out loud.

5. She is ready for experimentation and enjoys having all kinds of sex: vaginal, oral, anal, sex with different toys, in public, etc.
I believe that every woman has a wild female who wants to enjoy sex living inside of her. But many taboos of religion and education stop us. Start today by releasing your sexuality without waiting for someone to come and unlock it. You have the key! And men – well, they just feel when the woman is ready.