Men punish with being unable to get it up

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[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am 44 years old and I have all kinds of sex, I don’t have setbacks and I know how to give pleasure to myself and my partner. In the beginning my partners are exhilarated and they constantly want sex…but at some point, somewhere around the sixth month of the relationship they lose their erection. We have sex, we both orgasm but the penetration is very short and difficult for them in my opinion, I see I am the reason but I don’t know where I go wrong.

A man’s erection shows very well the way the woman treats him! When she is very demanding, she is constantly unhappy, if she oppresses him, he is afraid that he will not satisfy her and loses his erection before sex. Of course, stress, work and health problems can also have some effect but since you have several examples this means you cause this “castrating” your man with your behavior. Observe yourself. Do you show dominance or you are able to show the man he is dominating in the relationship? Do you love your father and men generally? Men sense very well if you don’t respect them and they punish you with erection problems.

Dear ladies, learn to show him that he is the man and you are the woman! Praise him, show him you respect and adore him, be nice and tender. His erection is in your hands!