How to go on after his infidelity?

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How to go on after his infidelity?

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]My husband admitted he cheats on me. How should I react? I want to forgive him but how can I be sure that he will stop doing this;

How to fix our marriage after cheating?

1. Security, calmness, stability. What’s most important is to keep him in the beginning. 90% of men leave their wife not for the other woman but because their life is hell because of all the drama. Besides your man is very confused at this moment. Continue to take care of him, cook his favorite food, he should see what he might lose.

2. Show vulnerability. You will have time to show him how much he has hurt you, but don’t do it right now. Give him a chance to save you. When choosing which woman to stay with, men choose the weakest, the one who can’t live without him! Show him you need him.

3. Attention – sex! Be bold and daring in sex. Change your hair color, train your body – the most important thing is to feel sexy! Surprise him with sex at his office.

4. Respect. If you have been dependent so far – mentally, emotionally, financially – your independence day has come. Only an independent woman can set the conditions under which she agrees to continue in marriage, to defend her interests. So start looking after your success, learn a foreign language, travel alone. Tell your partner clearly and exactly what you need to do to stay with him. If he refuses, be ready to leave with your head proudly raised.

5. It takes an average of a year to get your husband 100% back to the family. Statistics show that if he does not divorce his wife in the first year after the infidelity, the likelihood of this happening later is only 3-5%. So it’s worth fighting for your love!

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