How to get rid of that sound?

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How to get rid of that sound?

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello, Natalia! During sex while we are doing it doggy style with a condom, when my partner penetrates me there is a massive gas coming out. To be honest this sound is very disturbing and I’m concerned that I may have some serious defect? And after sex my vagina is itching me for a long time, often there is a specific mucous. Then I have to make vaginal washes to recover. My partner insists on sex without a condom but I want it with. He did tests and everything is normal with him. Maybe we are incompatible or something?

Hi, Ivet, it’s perfectly normal that during sex there is something like farting with the vagina – still air comes in and out. If you are not very turned on there is even more air.

About the mucous, sometimes there is really a physical incompatibility between one another with is like allergy. And then, despite the two partners being healthy there might be itching and mucous.

Think about how much do you really want this partner? Since your body doesn’t accept him, this is not a coincidence. The body is very honest and we should listen to it more. Be true to yourself and to your partner. It’s normal when two people have sex to have a nice feeling. Besides, for the woman sex without a condom is healthy because this way the partner gives valuable microelements into her vagina. And it’s not very nice for the woman to have sex with a condom. But I would like to point out that here it’s about relationships with a spouse or a long-term partner. If you are not sure in your partner, the condom is an important part of sex. Good luck in getting pleasure!