Homosexual sex is hotter!

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Homosexual sex is hotter!

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am in love with my best friend. A year ago we got to the sex. How should I say this to my parents, they will never accept it! What does being homo/bisexual depends on and can this change?

First, it’s important to calm down. Second, learn a little more about this. There is an opinion that sexual orientation is formed in the first 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, and therefore does not change with the years by willpower or at the request of parents and society. Homosexuality is usually manifested in other family members and in most cases is transmitted through the maternal line. The ratio is one lesbian for every 8-10 homosexual men.

Homosexual men are more likely to have many sexual partners (100-500) and are more likely to have sex because of the sex itself, often have polygamy relationships, and don’t have an issue having sex on the first date.

While lesbians have 5 to 20 lifelong partners, they do not have sex without emotional acquaintance and tend to be monogamous. On average, their relationship lasts 4 years. In addition, sex ends with orgasm in 90-100% of cases, while in heterosexual relationships only 40% of women orgasm with their partner!

Homosexuals are more prone to neurosis, depression, suicide, especially during puberty. Which has an explanation – it’s not easy to feel constantly in a foreign body and not be understood by others.

Homosexuals are very sexual. The hypothalamus is the brain center of sex that responds to testosterone. Men have a larger hypothalamus than women and 10-20 times more testosterone. That is why men are always ready for sex unlike women. Because of the developed hypothalamus, two men who are in a relationship always want sex. Lesbians also have higher levels of testosterone and are therefore more sexually active than heterosexual women.
Homosexual relationships have been shown to have the same level of closeness, love, trust and respect as heterosexuals. Often even more. It is important to say that sex in homosexual relationships is often hotter and more satisfying (especially for women).

If you are gay, accept this fact and try to explain it to your loved ones. Don’t expect them to accept it immediately or enjoy it. It is not easy to assimilate and takes some time. Explain to them that you were born this way and that will not change. Stop judging yourself. Find people like you. You need understanding and don’t expect it from heterosexuals, they will hardly show any.

If your child is homosexual, try to accept and love him, even though you had different expectations for him, he is not guilty in this situation and it has been proven that there is no cure. Medications, surgeries, psychotherapy don’t help! Love him exactly the way he is.

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