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Give your young lover a chance

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have been flirting with a much younger man. We are interested in each other but the age difference and the difference in the experience is an issue. What is your opinion on sex with younger men? And how can I find out why is he really with me? Does this kind of relationship have any future?

According to many books people charge when having sex with a younger partner. Men often choose younger women as well as high status women – royalty, famous singers and businesswomen often choose younger men. This happens when they are over a certain age and need more energy and vitality. Let’s see the advantage and disadvantages of such a relationship.

1. You will never be sure if he loves you like a woman or is just searching for the mother in you.
2. You will be discussed and your friends will have difficulties accepting him.
3. You cannot respect him all the time because he needs time to learn and achieve what you have already done.
4. You cannot rely on him a 100% as to a strong and successful man.
5. You often have different values and understanding about life.

1. You can easily shape him the way you want.
2. Younger men and mature women are very good sexually. With men the peak of sexuality is 20-30 years of age, with women – 30-40.
3. You can go adventurous with them, they have a zest for life and everything is interesting to them.
4. Regardless of age, they can really love very deeply.
5. If a young man has potential, a woman can quickly make him a successful man.
6. They will help you remember that in life there is joy and pleasure you have forgotten.

Even if this relationship does not last long, it can energize you and give you a new direction in life. Don’t reject men just because they are younger than you. There is no age for love! But this type of relationship requires courage, confidence in yourself as a woman, and the ability to stand against patriarchal models in society. Give love a chance and that is exactly how you will find the love of your life.

Good luck!