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[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello, how can I know my man loves me? I met a guy and I like him a lot but I have constant doubts in him and his feelings. He either shows up or disappears, I don’t know what to do.

When we women love, we take care, we want to talk, we get interested…we do 1000 things and expect this from men as well. Men, however, show their love in an absolutely different way. We often think wrong that since he doesn’t love us our way, he doesn’t love us at all.

A man loves when:

…he shows everybody that you are HIS. He chooses you to be the woman next to you and demonstrates this in front of friends, family and the world. It is not normal a man in love to hide you or hide your relationship (of course unless you are married or have a boyfriend).

…wants to make you happy and takes the steps for it. A man in love wants to spoil you and makes everything possible for it. It’s important the woman to learn to show him how he can make her happy.

…protects her and saves her from the world. If somebody hurt you a man in love will come to protect you. If you have a problem he will be there, even at night or in another city, he will come.

…gets distant from time to time. When a man is seriously in love, this is a huge shock for him. He feels confused, uncertain. He needs to gather his strength and this is way he gets distant. Don’t blame him. This distance is needed so he can have strength to continue giving you his love.

…changes. The woman always wants to change the man and when he is in love he is more prone to doing it. But don’t expect fast changes. For every change you need at least 100 days!

So track whether he does this. If not – maybe he really doesn’t have feelings for you.

Good luck!