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Every man with their trick

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear Natalia, my question for you is related to fellatio. My partner likes it very much but I don’t know what to do exactly. What is bad is he doesn’t talk about it. I want to give him pleasure the way he does for me. Please give me advice!

Emma, you are opening a favorite and probably the most discussed topic by men. We were running a course. We asked the men to leave the room, then enter one by one and tell us what the ideal oral sex was for them. The first one came in and said: “The most important thing for me is to play with my balls, to take them gently in the mouth and to suck them lightly. Then slide her tongue up, play with the head and then return to the balls again.” The second said “Not to play with the balls! Tighten the head with your hands and very slowly, with a lot of saliva, move up and down, gradually increasing the tempo without stopping. It is important for the hands to be involved!” The third one: “For me it is perfect to do it with mouth only.

She can hold it gently on the bottom, but without clasping the hands. Gently suck, then with her tongue go down to the testicles, lick them and make rotating movements between them and the anus.” The men were eight and everyone preferred a different version of oral love. So, as much as we read articles on how to do oral love, there is no better solution than to ASK him!

But how do we get him to talk?

Slowly take his penis in his mouth and start making 2-3 movements, no more. Then stop and ask him what he likes. You can do them one more time so he can feel the difference. For example, gently lick with your tongue first. Then you form a ring with the first and third fingers, gently clamp the penis and move up and down. Don’t leave him alone until he answers what he likes more.

Please keep checking. It is better to be annoying a few times than not to ask and ruin this important part of sex. If you feel tired and need a break, tell him too. Ask him to penetrate you. Tell him that you are very excited and want to feel him inside. This is how you first show him how to talk freely about sex. Secondly, you are helping him realize what brings him the most pleasure. Thirdly, over time he will start asking you and so you will get the best for yourself. Speak freely, then your partner will speak too.