Dreaming about sex – Is this normal?

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Dreaming about sex – Is this normal?

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello Natalia! I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry. Recently, several times my husband has sex with me at night, and in the morning he tells me that he has not remembered anything and even accused me of making it up. He happens to sleepwalk, but sex?! Yes. I admit, the sex is not bad at all, it is even downright passionate, but still – is it normal?

Sexomina – from Latin sexus (sex, gender) + somnus (sleep) – is a disorder of the psyche in which during sleep a person has sex or exhibits other types of sexual activity. It is considered one of the varieties of lunatism. This disease is common in both men (more often) and women. Usually a person does not remember what he did, so do not blame your husband. Sexomniacs can masturbate in their sleep, moan in excitement, some literally throw themselves at their partner, and there are cases of rape in the world. In general, the sex they do while they sleep is quite aggressive. Literally injuries are also possible. More often, people who use drugs, alcohol, live in a very stressful situation, or constantly lack asleep suffer from this problem.

The good thing is that this is easily treated in modern psychiatry with medication. So, even if sex seems to be exciting for you, seek help, because often this condition prevents a person from maintaining a happy and fulfilling emotional and sexual relationship.