Anal sex is like a Ferrari

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Anal sex is like a Ferrari

[vc_row el_class=”page-row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Natalia, I am interested whether it’s necessary to do an enema before anal sex and when exactly to do this procedure. Is it possible that during sex a „surprise“ happens?

Anal sex is the topic with the most myths and misunderstandings. It’s nice that you want to have anal sex, it brings so much pleasure! Not having anal sex is like having a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage! Often, the woman can get the most powerful orgasms with it.

Now more specifically. Enema is necessary, especially if the partner has a medium or large penis size (14-16 cm and more). How is it done? We go in the shower. We remove the handset. We place the hose very close to the anus without inserting it inside. We do as we do during number two to open the sphincter. Release hot water under pressure. Wait until the urge to poop appears and we release. We do this procedure 2-3 times until clear water begins to flow out. It takes 5-10 minutes. It is good to do it at least 15-20 minutes before sex, because there is usually some water left inside, which can surprise you. Always keep wet wipes for intimate hygiene near you when you have anal sex – despite the flushing, strong orgasms may cause “side effects”. It’s not fatal. Just wipe it.

It is advisable to have anal sex after vaginal when you have already had several orgasms. Prepare your anus with a slow finger massage and be sure to use a lubricant. It is good to stimulate the clitoris during anal sex. Breathe with your mouth and relax your body to the fullest. If there is tension, there is also pain. A partner can help by saying: relax, breathe, relax…

Never do vaginal sex after anal sex. Or wash the penis very well. If you trust your partner, he may ejaculate inside. Otherwise, do not allow it, if the partner is not healthy, you can catch different diseases.

Choose a place where you can bathe after, so “in the midst of nature” in this case is not recommended.